Training Resources

CUES is pleased to have partnered with the Utah STEM Action Center to provide coding robot kits to our Regional Schools. The available kits include Lego Mindstorms and Micro:Bits (geared for older middle and high school students), Ozobots (elementary and middle age kids), and Bee-Bots (ideal for K-2 students). Robots can be checkout from our "Available Kits" page.  A resource Google Site has been created (and will continue to be updated) where you can find additional information, video tutorials, and instructional tips for each robot. You access this site by clicking here.  Thank you to the STEM Action Center for their generosity!  Find out more about the SAC by visiting their webpage.

STEM Action Center
CUES has got your technology training needs covered!  Brandon Harrison, the CUES Ed. Tech and Innovation Specialist, is happy to provide one-on-one, small group, large group, school, or district-wide trainings at the time most convenient for teachers.  Before school, after school, prep-periods, recess, lunch, yes, all are great times.  Trainings are customizable for time and ability.  See below for a partial list of what can be offered:
  • UEN Resources and Tools (The most underutilized resources out there!)
  • Utah’s Online Library (The one thing I wished I knew about when I was in the classroom teaching)
  • Blended and Personalized learning (These are not just a fad)
  • Digital Citizenship and Internet Safety (For students, teachers and/or parents)
  • Google Tips and Tricks (Even you'll be amazed at all you can do)
  • CANVAS (Beginner, Novice, Advanced)
  • Google Apps (Basic Overview, Drive, Calendar, Gmail, Sites, Forms, and others)
  • iPads (Teacher Apps and/or Student Apps)
  • Ed. Technology Endorsement & UEN PD Courses (FREE courses to be used for towards an endorsement*, lane change*, relicensure hours, content knowledge, or even a Masters degree*. *There is a $21/credit SUU processing fee if applied to these)
  • Adobe Spark (Creative storytelling apps- Social Graphics, Web Stories, Animated Videos)
  • Understanding Your Mac (So many features, so little time)
  • Fun Formative Assessments (Nearpod, Socrative, Kahoot!, etc.)
  • Social Media for school (Yes, it's alright to do)
  • CUES Educational Kits (If you haven't seen what we have, look under the "media" tab above)
  • zSpace Virtual Reality Machine (You and your students will be amazed)
  • Teacher Technology Tools
  • Other trainings as requested 


Request a training by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call 435.896.7259