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We are pleased to announce that we are the recipients of a grant from the Utah STEM Action Center to purchase a Digitalis Digitarium portable planetarium system which will be added to our checkout inventory.  Thank you STEM Action Center!  We would also like to thank the community donations from Barney Trucking, Garkane Power, State Bank of Southern Utah, and Zion's Bank.  The generosity of these entities will enable us to literally bring the universe to our regional schools!  Be on the lookout for more information as to when this will be made available.  Reach out to Brandon if you would be interested in attending a two-day training on the use and implementation of the portable planetarium. We will be arranging training with Digitalis Education after we receive the system, hopefully sometime in the early fall. 

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On June 2, 2020, we had over 270 regional educators join us for 4 hours of virtual professional development.  Mike Roberts (@BaldRoberts) started off the morning with his "10 Teacher Traits that Superheroes Emulate" Keynote address.  Following him, attendees were able to choose to 'attend' from 12 different breakout sessions each hour.  We received great feedback about the conference, and it is definitely something we will look at offering to our regional again.
The good news, most of the sessions were recorded!  You can access recordings through the 'Videos' tab on our website (under Training, and be sure to scroll down to the 'teachers' link at the bottom of the page).  In addition, find the recording links and session resources on this document, or continue below for any individual links.

There are so many tools and resources being made available to teachers during this virtual teaching time.  Below are some additional ones I've come across which you may find very beneficial.  As always, let me know if I can be of any help with implementing any of these.  Have fun and good luck!

We want to provide teachers with the tools and resources you need to be successful in the transition to online teaching.  We understand this transition can be quite daunting, but we know you can do it!  The following resources can help you do it.  If you need guidance or direction as to what tool may be best for what you are trying to accomplish with your classes,