In an effort to achieve high levels of learning for all, CUES collectively commits to advocating for equity, adequacy, and access to high-quality services and supports for the students and educators living and serving in Tintic, Juab, North and South Sanpete, Sevier, Piute, and Wayne school districts.

We recognize and work, in collaboration with the USBE, USSA, UETN, USHE and other RSC' s to meet the challenges that rural school districts face in providing access to services and support that may be more readily available in non-rural districts. We strive to offer each district:

• Advocating for the Education Profession
• High-quality PD
• Technology Infrastructure and Support
• Up to date Media
• Cooperative Purchasing
• Endorsement Programs


CUES has been so pleased with the support that our schools have had for our Overdrive reading app.  This year Overdrive is launching a new student app for Overdrive reading called SORA. This app is designed specifically for students and is much easier, especially for younger students, to navigate and use.

CUES held our annual Media Specialists training day on September 12 in Richfield and a huge focus was in showcasing this new SORA app.  All Media Specialist were encouraged to download the new app and explore it to learn the new features so they can show the teachers and students how to use the new app.

CUES continues to provide support and training for all schools in the region and we would love to visit your school and help get students and teachers using this fun way to read. We continue to add new releases and popular titles to the library to make this useful and appealing to your students.

If teachers have specific titles that they use as classroom reads or book lists for students, we ask that you provide CUES with a list of your reading titles and we will try to add these to our Overdrive library so students have this additional resource to go to when needing a specific book. Also, students are able to recommend books that they would like to have added to our library and we always review student requests when making purchase selections.

Tech Tip-

Ever accidentally closed that tab which you really needed open? No need to fret! You can easily restore those lost tabs with simple keyboard shortcuts. If using Chrome on a Mac, hold down Shift-Command-T. In Safari, it'll be Command-Z. And if you're using Firefox, simply push Shift-Command-N. Keep in mind that you'll need to replace Control for Command if on a PC.

The Web Browsers remember your history of closed tabs, so use the commands to restore multiple tabs you closed earlier.


CUES is excited to introduce you to our newest employee; Sheryl Vernon. Sheryl was born and raised in Springville, Utah. She has been married for 25 years and has 5 children.

She earned dual undergraduate degrees in psychology and special education in 1996 from SUU, then worked 5 years in Nebo School District as a Special Education teacher. In 2001 her family moved to Sanpete County and she started her own preschool business and taught for 16 years.

She joined the CUES family when an opportunity to earn a graduate degree in school psychology became available. This opportunity also fulfills a lifelong goal she had and fills a gap in educational services in her community. She is enjoying an immense amount of learning as she works to obtain credentials in school psychology at BYU, while also working for CUES doing assessments for special education evaluations, specifically, the Woodcock-Johnson Testing. Upon completing her accreditation and classwork at BYU, she will be able to service the CUES area as a school psychologist.

We welcome Sheryl to the CUES family and know that she looks forward to meeting and interacting with faculty and students throughout the CUES region.


Just because you can click, doesn't mean you should

Ever get an email that's a little out of the ordinary? You're not alone. Cybercriminals are getting better and better at evading filters and making sure their phishing scam lands in your inbox.

Next time you get an email like this, hover your mouse over any links or buttons you see for a few seconds, but don't click! You'll see a pop-up window displaying the URL of the site where that button or link REALLY takes you.  If it's not what you'd expect, forward it to your IT department so they can blacklist it and keep anyone in your district from falling victim.  Gold star.