#16062 and #13065

Robots to create coding and Creativity!  Ozobot is a little toy robot that blends the physical and digital worlds — and teaches kids programming. Ozobot could be the world’s tiniest robot!

It uses very basic programming, as you simply train the robots to follow patterns on the surfaces that they roll over.  It can be coded in two ways: online with OzoBlockly and screen-free with Color Codes.  Ozobot can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.  

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Kit number 16062 includes 7 Ozobots
Ozobots have had a makeover! These updated Ozobots come in a class set of 18 Evo Robots, and bots now come equipped with speakers, proximity sensors, and improved line follow and color sensors. Coding can also be accomplished online via OzoBlockly. These Evo’s come with a charging cradle so all bots can be charged at the same time. Also included are 18 boxers of color code markers and a USB charging cable.

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Kit number 13065 includes 18 Ozobot Evos

Evo Classroom Kit <br> (18 Bots)