Discover Ouelessebougou, Mali, West Africa (Ouelessebougou-Utah Alliance) #13064


DESCRIPTION:  Take your class on a field trip of a lifetime, without even leaving your classroom!  Journey to Ouelessebougou (Way-less-ay-boo-goo), Mali.  This kit's contents (trunk) are treasures to discover and friends just waiting to meet your students.  The activities are aligned with second-grade social studies core objectives, but you are encouraged to explore ways to tie them to other areas of the curriculum.  Some of the activities are standalone; others require using the Ouelessebougou Education Trunk, which includes artifacts, pictures, and explanations.

CONTENTS:  Curriculum manual/activity guide, photos, maps, video, and artifacts. Artifacts include Kolon/Kolongalan, talking drum, boubou, gourd instrument, well dipper, mask, Malian toothbrush, soap, gourd dipper, toy, millet, jewelry, mudcloth, and flag.

GRADE/SUBJECT: 2nd Grade Social Studies


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